Alana Heim

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My name is Alana Heim and I am a Certified Public Accountant, a Personal Financial Specialist, a Certified Financial Planner™ and a Certified Human Design Specialist. Although I am not from Anaheim, my name sounds like I should be. As a Prosperity Facilitator, I serve as a financial therapist to assist you in achieving the financial health you desire. I work with individuals and couples, just like you, to understand your past, present, and future relationship with money. I guide you to transform your fears and the emotional, traumatic, and unconscious beliefs you have with money, so that you can successfully move forward in alignment with your goals and/or your partner's goals. I support you in planning for life transitions, such as receiving inheritance, transferring wealth, or planning for marriage, divorce, remarriage and career changes, just to name a few. Have you ever wondered why lottery winners end up broke? Unfortunately, it is because they never healed their money issues, so they continued to follow their old destructive patterns of mismanaging assets. What I know is that when you transform old, negative money beliefs into an empowering beneficial relationship, you design and create the financial freedom YOU desire. You CHOOSE to BE financially healthy. You dream, conquer, and succeed because you CAN. You commit to budgeting, saving, sharing, and spending your assets because you know HOW and it FEELS GOOD. If you are ready for your financial breakthrough, you are invited to contact me. I would love to guide you to achieve all of the financial success you desire. ♥ ♥ To assess your unconscious money beliefs, take the free money quiz here (password is moneyquiz):


Prosperity Facilitator
Prosperity Alignment, Inc.
Reno, NV

Credentials Held

Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) Credential

CPA Licenses Held

NevadaSince 03/16/2005


Areas of Expertise

   Performing an Advisory Engagement (planning, performance, reporting, QC)
   Accounting Education
   Legal Services
Personal Financial Planning -  Tax/Estate/Retirement/Risk Management/Investment
   Cash Flow Planning
   Charitable Planning
   Closely Held Business Planning
   Education Planning
   Elder Planning
   Employee Benefits/Executive Compensation
   Estate, Gift and Wealth Transfer Planning
   Fundamental Financial Planning Knowledge & Skills
   Individual Tax Planning
   Insurance Planning/Risk Management Planning
   Integrated Personal Financial Planning
   Investment Planning (withouit AUM or product sales)
   Retirement Planning
   Significant Event Planning (Marriage, Divorce, Family Additions, Death, etc.)
   Wealth Management/Investment Advisory Services
   C Corporation Income Taxation
   Employee Benefits
   Individual Income Taxation
   International Tax
   IRS Practice & Procedure
   Partnership Taxation
   S Corporation Income Taxation
   State & Local Tax
   Tax Ethics & Standards
   Tax Exempt Organizations
   Tax Practice Management
   Taxation of Estates and Trusts